Document Automation for Educational Institutions

Maintaining a campus-wide Corporate Identity in every document

Document creation education

Easily keep documents up to date

Shift your focus to the core of education by decreasing the administrative burden of keeping documents up to date using SmartDocuments. Easily create interactive documents based on smart templates, making it a simple process to change documents in case of any update. Save time and make your document workflow more efficient.

Creating documents efficiently and uniformly

Improve the look and feel of all documents across your organization by automatically applying your Corporate Identity to the document templates. Create internship reports, progress files, staff contracts and letters efficiently and uniformly using SmartDocuments. Connect your existing IT systems to automatically add relevant metadata to corresponding documents.
Document creation education

Automate and create

SmartDocuments helps you shift focus to your students.

  • Ensure consistency across all documents with building blocks for recurring content
  • Relieve work pressure for employees and do more with less resources
  • Manage all your document templates in one central system and decrease the sprawl of documents in your organization
  • Connect existing systems in your organization with our modern integration layer
  • Reduce compliancy risks and errors due to manual labor by automating Document Creation

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