Document creation for housing corporations

SmartDocuments supports small and large housing corporations by providing simple template management and document creation.

Document creation housing corporations

Is your customer still the most important factor?

A proliferation of documents, combined with outdated software, will be a recipe for frustration in many housing corporations. Customer-oriented working is difficult given the daily administrative burden. Maintaining a consistent corporate identity is also a challenge under such circumstances.


SmartDocuments for housing corporations

Create error-free documents in no time, maintaining a consistent corporate identity every time and sending personalized documents one go. With years of experience in the housing market under its belt, SmartDocuments knows what's needed for optimal document automation.

Document automation for housing corporations

Benefits for the housing market

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SmartDocuments app

The SmartDocuments app app lets you create documents from your phone or tablet. Imagine being able to generate documents, such as tenant contracts, wherever you are. On site, on the road or at home.

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