Innovate Document Creation to generate forms, letters, permits and notices. Automated Document Generation ensures clear communication and efficiency. Provide the best possible service to citizens, businesses and other organizations using SmartDocuments.

EMS Agencies

Effective document creation is key to ensuring compliance, operational efficiency, and timely service delivery. Issuing EMT certificate approval and renewal notices is one of the most time-consuming tasks for EMS Agencies when creating documents for their EMT Programs.

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Automate the creation of personnel documents without having to compromise on the personalization of your documents. Create new documents like employment contracts, letters and forms quickly and efficiently.

Housing organizations

Automate your Document Creation process to be more customer-oriented. Minimize the administrative burden of working with many different types of documents combined with outdated software and improve your efficiency.


Create and manage interactive documents while decreasing time-consuming, error-prone administrative work using SmartDocuments. Connect our solution to existing systems using seamless integrations for even more timesaving automation.


Communicate uniformly across different types of documents with our Document Template Management software. Automatically apply your organization-wide Corporate Identity to all contracts, quotations, invoices and other documents.

Health care

Create documents using smart templates, with guaranteed compliancy and secured patient data. The time you save using our software for Document Generation can be shifted back to provide attentive patient care.

Tax & Accounting

Ensure every document is up to date and contains the correct information with SmartDocuments. Create corporate tax returns, transmittal letters, NDA’s, agreements and other documents quickly and easily using smart templates. Our intelligent software allows you to change anything without increasing compliancy risks.


Automate your Corporate Identity Management and improve the look and feel of all documents across your organization. Internship reports, progress files, staff contracts and letters are created efficiently and uniformly using SmartDocuments.

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