Document automation for the financial sector

Document automation finance

Document automation for the financial sector

Getting rid of complex administrative documents and reducing workload. That’s the aim of SmartDocuments. We enable the creation of strong documents with correct corporate identity in a short period of time. Our software makes for smarter working, which increases the efficiency and productivity of your organization.


Clear communication with the customer is essential to the finance industry, but difficult to achieve

Contracts, agreements, quotations, invoices… a profusion of document types makes it a complex matter to achieve consistency. Documents are often standardized, even though you'd really like to personalize them. But where do you find the time? By automating your document creation in the right way, you save time.

Document automation finance

SmartDocuments for the financial sector

SmartDocuments is the solution for simplifying and speeding up your document creation. You can quickly create a variety of smart document templates to accomplish this. It’s also easy to perform tasks such as automatically applying an organisation-wide corporate identity to the documents and personalizing a document for each recipient. Connect the SmartDocuments software with your own systems and databases and take care of the privacy of your customers.

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Benefits for the financial sector

Less time spent on administrative tasks and therefore more time for your customer’s needs.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Reduced administrative burden
  • Simple template management
  • Strong brand identity
  • Time saving & productivity boosting
  • Easier privacy safeguards

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