55+ SmartDocuments Features

Everything you need to create perfect documents

SmartEditor (template builder)

Building blocks

With a building block, you can easily reuse recurring information in other templates.

Style templates

Templates in which the corporate identity and layout of new and existing templates can be built and adjusted.

Data question

Place data from external (web) sources into a document.


This question type allows you to insert data from the XML into the document (including tables, etc.).


Insert JSON-based data into the document.

Number question

The user can only enter numbers, which are region and format specific.

Mask question

Create specific (mask) questions, such as a zip code. This allows only 4 digits and 2 letters to be entered for Dutch zip codes.


Open question

Users can freely enter text.

Selection question

The user can only choose one answer from multiple answers.

Multiple choice question

Multiple options are provided and multiple answers are possible.

Yes / No question

It's only possible to answer with yes or no.

Date question

The user can easily pick a date.


Hiermee kunnen plaatjes in de template worden toegevoegd, denk aan een ingescande handtekening


Allows additional text to be placed on the question and answer screen. E.g. for clarification or indication.


There is no limit to the amount of templates that can be created.


This allows question types to be linked together.

Follow-up question

With this option, follow-up questions can be created.


Option to place different pieces of text in different places in the document based on one choice.

All Microsoft Word possibilities

In addition to all the options of SmartDocuments, you also have all the options of Microsoft Word available for creating templates.

Webservices question

The user can choose to use information provided by an XML or JSON file.

SmartControl (managing templates and rights)

Version management

Remembers all template versions including comments about the changes. Previous versions can easily be reinstated.

Synchronize accounts from your AD with SmartDocuments. Simplifying user administration by doing it from one location.

Document properties

Manages the storage of documents with additionally linked metadata.

Easy to look up information across all building blocks and templates.

DSP (Document structure plan)

Arranges the storage of documents according to your structure.



Easily assign user rights to both users and administrators.


Test templates first before enabling the new version for everyone.

Word templates

Existing Word templates can easily be imported into SmartDocuments.

DMS plugin

Automatically store documents in your DMS.


ClientTools creates new opportunities for integration and document handling between web and client applications.

Managing users

Enables third-party applications to manage users in SmartDocuments.

SmartGenerator (the smart document generator)


The SmartGenerator is available in the following languages: NL, DE, SE, EN, ES, FR, HU and CZ.

A real-time example of the document during drafting.

Help text

Displayed only if desirable (mouse-over).

Mandatory questions

Ensures that important questions are always answered.

External URL’s

A link to a web page where additional information is given.

Multi document output

Easily generate larger amounts of documents with differing (customer) data.


Signing a document quickly and easily.

Quickly send emails based on templates.


Also possible to generate documents as PDF, HTML and XML in addition to the standard MS Word docx. output.

Selection plugin

Control SmartDocuments templates from external applications.

document creation


After generating a document, you can proceed to another online environment to further process the document.

Something came up during the creation of a document? Temporarily store it to safely continue later.

Does a document need to be checked or signed by colleagues? The co-authoring functionality can facilitate this.

Edit in Microsoft Word

Not recommended in most cases, but there is a possibility to manually edit the Word document before forwarding it to an external application.

Security and compliancy


Once documents are generated, all data is deleted.


GDPR compliant

No data is stored after the document is generated.

SmartDocuments is ISO 9001 certified.


Online software from SmartDocuments has SSL encryption.

Simple and secure access to SmartDocuments at anytime, anywhere.

SSO OAuth2

Oauth2 is used for accessing, reading and modifying data.


Just one login to access all applications.

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