Länsstyrelserna SmartDocuments

Swedish county administrative board saves 90,000 hours per year

The expected saving is at least 90,000 hours a year, equal to 51 FTE’s. In reality, the potential saving becomes greater, since not all document types were taken into account.

In addition to an enormous time saving, SmartDocuments also offers great quality gains. Furthermore, the number of document templates were decreased with more than 50% with the introduction of SmartDocuments.

AEPEX - SmartDocuments Partner

AEPEX Business Consultants

Results after only a few weeks: A big win, as Emiel Obdeijn from AEPEX mentions. “The processing time is very short, with SmartDocuments the generated documents are immediately stored on the SAP Content server”, explains the project manager at AEPEX.

Woonbedrijf Eindhoven - SmartDocuments

Housing corporation Woonbedrijf Eindhoven

Woonbedrijf has over 31,000 homes in Eindhoven, which is the largest housing corporation in the south of the Netherlands. On a daily basis, there are 500 employees that help around 70.000 tenants to a home.

Child Protective services Overijssel - SmartDocuments

Child protective services Overijssel

When someone’s address is changed we can easily change this in one place, for all the 120 templates. This gives the organization more control over the content and format of the documents, with little to no effort.

Gemeente Hoorn SmartDocuments

Municipality of Hoorn

“There is a lot of automation, so now there is much less manual labour for me. This also means a high decrease in errors. By default, documents are saved in MensCentraal and always immediately available for the interested parties. Including the almost fully automated documents created in SmartDocuments.”

Gemeente Groningen-SmartDocuments

Municipality of Groningen

The municipality of Groningen now uses document creation software for their complete communication. for a total of 200.000 citizens. Groningen benefits from more efficient customer communication for the whole organisation.