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Swedish county administrative board (Länsstyrelserna)

Swedish county administrative boards save 90,000 hours per year with automated document creation

Länsstyrelserna SmartDocumentsSmartDocuments is installed on all 21 County boards and is with 5,500 employees our largest customer in Sweden.

The system is integrated with several of County Administrative Board case management systems: Platina (from Formpipe), a salary guarantee system (from Login Hasselberg) and a hunting management system (from Altran).

Background & Procurement

In 2010, the County Administrative Board conducted a procurement of “Document Template Management Tool”. The purpose was to “buy a tool for creating, using and managing dynamic document templates within all business areas”. Furthermore, the purpose was to “increase the use of document templates. Templates provide higher quality of the documents – correct corporate identity and content, as well as unified content (the same content for the same business area, regardless of user and county board) “.

Following an evaluation of the received responses from five suppliers, the selected and preferred product was SmartDocuments. The reason, among other things, is that “the presented solution from SmartDocuments is the solution that met all of the County Administrative Board’s requirements, and is also the alternative which was most economically advantageous”. Håkan Jönsson, from the County Administrative Board’s IT department and who participated in the evaluation, said, “this can be one of the most basic tools for our users.”

An important and mandatory requirement in the procurement was that the selected product could be integrated with Formpipe’s document and case management system, Platina. This was successfully demonstrated by SmartDocuments.

Document-intensive organisations have a lot of money to save if users can quickly create complete and accurate documents, documents with high-quality, with the correct content and the correct corporate identity. This has now been realised by the County Administrative Boards. Håkan Jönsson said that “with SmartDocuments, we have the opportunity to have full-time template designers and yet save a lot of time and money.”


Immediately after the procurement, the County Administrative Board conducted a pilot test. The pilot was successful and the outcome provided the County Administrative Board with data to calculate the potential saving by using SmartDocuments and automated document generation. The expected saving is at least 90,000 hours a year, equal to 51 FTE’s. In reality, the potential saving becomes greater, since not all document types were taken into account.

In addition to an enormous time saving, SmartDocuments also offers great quality gains. Furthermore, the number of document templates were decreased with more than 50% with the introduction of SmartDocuments.


An important decision criterion for the County Administrative Board was that SmartDocuments can extract data from complex XML structures. Repetitive XML elements are easily handled in SmartDocuments with XPath expressions. SmartDocuments is alone on the market to offer such modern and powerful document generation techniques. The case management systems send data in an XML file to SmartDocuments. If needed, SmartDocuments displays a wizard on the screen, unique for each document template. Thereafter, SmartDocuments returns a Word document to the case management system, with the correct corporate identity, the right content, and the right case data inserted in the correct position in the document.

Don’t believe all the flattery?

The Swedish magazine Offentliga Affärer (Public business) wrote an article about the County Administrative Board and SmartDocuments. Read it HERE (it is in Swedish though, but nothing that Google translate can’t fix).

Curious how many hours per year your organisation is throwing away on creating documents?