• Wolters Kluwer nutzt Integrierte Dokumentenerstellung von SmartDocuments

The Smart alternative to building quick and simple document templates for your SAP environment.

Document assembly by SmartDocuments for SAP

As you know, it is difficult to create and automated documents (output) from SAP. If you are not able to optimize this process it becomes a timely and costly process. Especially, when your documents require regular updates.

With SmartDocuments you can easily optimize this process. From easily creating document templates to generating documents Quick and Smart. If it is used for external communication or for internal use, SmartDocuments helps you to make life a bit easier and fun.

Designing forms with SAP

Designing document templates with SAP is not an easy process. Consider for example the document-intensive organisations that use thousands of document templates. The problem is that these are very complex and need constant changes. In some cases, it isn’t even possible to make the changes yourself. Wouldn’t it make more sense if your employees, with their knowledge and experience, can create and change the document templates themselves?

For standard commercial software such as SAP, it is crucial to comply with some standard demands when creating document templates. Even the way how you do this is important. That is why in recent years there have been some changes with SAP, but it still requires too much work. This is where SmartDocuments can help you, with our software it is easy to make these document templates.

Wolters Kluwer nutzt Integrierte Dokumentenerstellung von SmartDocuments

SmartDocuments in comparison to other solutions with regard to SAP.

SAP ScriptSAP Smart FormsSAP Interactive Forms by AdobeSmartDocuments
API available
Integration with SAP Modules
Connection with SAP Spool
Stable & tested technology
Template management and processingSAPSAPSAPSAP & other applications
File format templatePatentedPatentedPatentedOOXML
Who makes the templates?IT-departmentIT-departmentIT-departmentRelevant department
(IT-department only necessary in extremely special cases)
Batch processing (transaction documents)
Process integrated document creation
Individual document creation
Mix of individual and transactional processingPartially
Received feedback from SAPPartially
Usable withinSAPSAPSAPSAP, Client-Server, Web, App, 3rd Party Apps
Integration with other applications

The Big advantage:

To help you create document templates far more easily than ever before!

With SmartDocuments 95% of the information can be received directly from different systems. This data will be placed directly in the document, saving time and significantly reducing the margin of error. This also ensures that your documents always have the right corporate identity. With the SmartDocuments solution, templates are stored in the ECMA 376 Office Open XML (OOXML) file format. This allows documents and templates to be used by 3rd party applications.

Modern-day template management and document creation in SAP

One of the biggest internet service providers in Europe uses SAP for different business areas. In the past, AEPEX, a SAP service consultant firm in the Netherlands, created documents via SAP Smart Forms & Script for that company. This made the management and control of the templates very expensive. Choosing the templates was also very complex. Partially based on good experiences from the past, AEPEX made the choice to choose SmartDocuments for document assembly and document template management.

Emiel Obdeijn, AEPEX - SmartDocuments partner

The result after a few weeks: a huge success according to Emiel Obdeijn from AEPEX. ’’The lead time for using SmartDocuments is very short and the documents are automatically stored on the SAP Content Server’’. The simple integration into SAP is a big and important advantage. SmartDocuments brought a flawless integration to the table. SmartDocuments easily integrated into the current SAP architecture, flexible and without large investment in time and money. This considerably shortened the whole document process.

”It is impossible to imagine document assembly and document template management without SmartDocuments”

Employees can make their own templates. Simply placing the right text block there where you need them. ’’Now we only have to come by and help when they need contextual changes by SAP consultants in SAP”.

‘’The lead time for customer documents only takes a few seconds. Even large invoice documents with more than 4000 individual items can be processes within 30 seconds! In the first year alone we saved hundreds of hours”.

Emiel Obdeijn, AEPEX Business Consultants.

With SAP Smart Forms & Script it would have taken approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Saving a significant amount of time and money.

Simple, intuitive control: no programming skills required to make templates.

Automatically process all the relevant data, straight out of SAP into SmartDocuments.

Creating documents there where you need them, straight out of SAP

Existing templates can be placed within SmartDocuments.

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