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Registration documents, intake documents, internship reports, progress files, and personnel contracts, it is just a small selection of the many types of documents that are used in education. Within this collection of documents, uniformity and ease of use must prevail, although practice shows that this is often not the case. Cause: a large number of documents, but also the constant growth of an educational institution. New departments and ever-increasing research groups mean even more documents.

Versturen van gepersonaliseerde documenten voor het onderwijs

Sending personalised documents for educational institutions

As an educational institution, you have to send an enormous amount of recurring documents every day, week, month and year. Think of letters about changing school fees, departmental changes and information about school events. SmartDocuments makes it possible to generate large quantities of documents from your own system in a short amount of time. Personal information of the addressees is automatically added at the right place in the document. This saves you time and allows you to focus on what really matters to you: good quality education!

increased productivity

Homogeneous brand identity for a strong brand

Campus-wide brand identity, and with that, consistency in both internal and external communication, to ensure strong brand identity and recognition. And that is what you want to achieve with your educational institution with the least amount of effort. SmartDocuments contributes to spreading brand recognition of your college or university in a clear and uniform manner.

With SmartDocuments you manage the brand identity separately from the content. A first step in reducing brand identity errors and reducing the number of templates to manage. By reducing the number of templates you also directly save on the number of documents that need to be printed.

Template management eenvoudig & voor iedereen

Template management: simple & for everyone

SmartDocuments enables you to create templates that create uniformity within your educational institution, without needing IT knowledge. Because your brand identity is included as standard in the document templates, the basic content and appearance are almost the same for each department. The SmartDocuments templates are based on Microsoft Word and are therefore easy to edit, complete and manage. Basic MS Word is the only thing you need.

Veilige opslag van documenten

Safe storage of documents

SmartDocuments stores your document templates in a central location of your choosing. Rights can be assigned to each individual employee or per group, per template. These employees always have access to the most recent version of the templates, making the use of old and outdated documents impossible. SmartDocuments does not store any data during the preparation of the documents, you store the content in your own database.

Template management benefits for education

  • Easy template management
  • Uniformity in brand identity
  • Stronger brand recognition
  • Time-saving & production-increasing
  • Automating document creation
  • Send many personalized documents with the speed of light

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