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Document Template Management

Thousands of document templates are not uncommon for “document-intensive” organisations. The problem is that they are often subject to change and often complex. Sometimes the creation and customization cannot be achieved without in-depth know-how of programming. The search for a template is also often very tedious.

And how does an employee know he/she has the most up-to-date document template? And does he/she even have clearance to use/change a certain document template? These are common problems if there isn’t a good solution. These problems cost employees many hours each year.

SD Document creation contract

SmartDocuments software helps you manage this process more efficiently. A large Swedish governmental organisation calculated the hours they saved per year. This was a baffling amount of more than 90.000 hours per year. You can read their story here.

Whether individual correspondence or transaction documents (batch processing): SmartDocuments greatly simplifies the creation, adaptation and management of document templates. Using platform-independent solutions, administrators can easily create their own templates for letters, mailings, invoices, delivery notes, reports, quotes, contracts etc. – largely without the help of the IT department.

Our software is created to be easy to use and maintain by yourself. This allows you to always have full control. Our editor uses a simple drag & drop system. No extensive training required, with basic skills of MS Word and a 2-day training you have fully capable template managers.

SmartDocuments integrates with popular applications to create an organisation-wide and centralized template repository.

SD suite template management and document creation


  • Easy to maintain document templates
  • Web and App solution
  • Integrations with other systems
  • Save thousands of hours of work, the larger the organisation, the more FTE you can save