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Document creation software for the whole organisation

What is document creation?

In essence, document creation helps you generate documents in the most efficient way by eliminating repetitive tasks.

To best explain the basics of Document creation, we will take you on a small journey with our dear friend Tom.

Tom works for a large Municipality as information manager. He is responsible for the quality of all the outgoing documents.

The challenge for him is to have a process that requires almost no manual labour. For years his colleagues had to open a previously saved document and manually fill in the information from every person that came at their desk. For example, to request for a drivers license. You need people with fast typing skills to be able to quickly help people at your desk, imagine the sensitivity of mistakes. And don’t get Tom started about the differences in corporate identity he has seen throughout the years.

Tom needed a way to make fewer mistakes and automate the process as far as possible. This is where the solution of document creation came into Tom’s life. With document creation, you can easily fill in most of the blanks. How? By making a connection to the existing database and the document template that you only have to make once (no programmer needed to make the template). A simple Q&A screen with the remaining open questions that the database cannot fill in is all that is left.

The process starts with a short 2 day training to know how to make the template. No programming skills are needed, just some basic MS Word knowledge. The SmartDocuments document creation software will be linked to your CRM database using XML to obtain most of the information. All that is left for the end user is to fill in the remaining blanks with a simple Q&A screen and the document is ready to be used.

document creation app SmartDocuments

Of course, these are but the basics. There is so much more what it can do. Visit our for developers page for a more technical explanation.

Or learn of more possibilities/modules to better fit your needs on our products page. Some examples to further automate the process: online signing, document creation app, data retrieval module, XML, mailing and SAP to name a few.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email.