SmartDocuments demo

    Example with demo environment for SmartDocuments end user interface

    Imagine that you work for a (fictive) Law Authority. A person has filed a claim for compensation. The person has for some time been under arrest and held in custody, suspected of a crime. The person was judged innocent and therefore has the lawful right to demand compensation for lost job earnings, expenses and such.

    The Law Authority has made a decision regarding the persons claims. Your task is to create a document that communicates the decision of compensation.

    SmartDocuments Webdemo EN

    Click on the link further down (“To the demo”) and log in with the credentials mentioned below. Follow the wizard, which will lead you to the final document.

    • Username: webdemo
    • Password: webdemo

    This is an example of what your own template managers can build with SmartDocuments smart tool for development of smart templates. The template managers have full control over the corporate identity and the content of the document, as well as the questions and answers that are asked in the wizard.