• SD suite template management and document creation


Organisation-wide business correspondence is often done with a variety of systems and applications. From manually writing with MS Word, on to semi-automated solutions. All of these solutions are based on their own document templates, which need to be updated with separate tools and processes. In addition, it isn’t uncommon for larger organisations to have several thousand templates.

Now, ok, not every template is a complex template, but imagine how many times these templates need changes. Who knows how to do this? And how long will it take before changes are made? Depending which CRM/ERP system you use, there is even the need for an external consultant to make these changes for you.

Organisation wide template management.

The SmartDocuments Suite greatly simplifies the creation and management of templates. With the platform-independent and scalable solution, users can easily create their own templates for letters, mailings, invoices, etc. – simply by dragging and dropping and using an easy-to-use editor. All templates are centrally managed and available in the Template Repository – across the organisation and across applications.

Modern Technologies and open standards

All modules and components of the SmartDocuments Suite are based on market-leading standards. All document templates are saved in the Office Open XML (OOXML) format, ensuring easy use of third-party applications.

The 3 elements of SmartDocuments

  1. SmartEditor, the easy tool to allow you to make the document templates based on MS Word.
  2. SmartControl, the document template management tool where you smartly store the templates.
  3. SmartWizard, the document creation Q&A screen with interactive preview screen where you can fill in the remaining information. As you type, you will see the text filled into the document with the preview screen.
  • Organisation-wide template management.
  • Available as a web-based solution as well as an app for smartphones & tablets.
  • Simple integration into existing environments and applications.
  • Based on market-leading standards and state-of-the-art technologies.

Anytime, anywhere, any device

Once the templates are created, the templates can not only be used on the PC workstation (desktop). But they are also integrated into specialist applications such as SAP, integrated into processes in the web, online shops and as an app on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.).

SmartDocuments app

Case example

Case about mobile and smart document creation

Every day, many thousands of apartments are re-let. When the apartment is handed over, the current status of the apartment is recorded. Frequently, the handover protocol is dictated by paper. A fairly old method in this time and age with mobile devices and the internet.

With our App for document creation, you can easily optimize this old process, which costs a lot of paper, is sensitive to mistakes and very time-consuming to maintain and use. The App will always allow you to use the most up-to-date version of your template. Just type in the info in the Q&A screen and sign and send the document online. No more paperwork that you can lose or read. Or accidentally using old documents.

Housing options document creation app