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SmartDocuments App

Create document templates centrally and use them anywhere, anytime and on all devices. Create your documents on tablets or SmartPhones.

Whether you are in a sales conversation and want to directly note down what the current situation is according to organisation standards, whether you need to perform a technical inspection of a factory, hotel or houses etc, with our app you can make it all possible. Paperless, instantly and quick by signing your document via the app.

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Create and sign documents wherever you are

How great would it be if, for example, the offer was made directly by the sales employee on his tablet and is immediately available to other clerks or devices for further processing? No unnecessary “detours” needed. Close deals more quickly than before

These possibilities are already possible with the SmartDocuments App. You access your templates as usual from your “Smart Device” and create the necessary documents based on the templates. This approach is ideal for the growing number of mobile workers.

Housing and real estate case for the App

Housing options document creation app

Housing transfer protocols have never been this easy before thanks to the SmartDocuments app. Any defects are recorded directly in the corresponding template on the tablet and can be supplemented with photos. The created transfer protocol document is immediately available and can be signed directly on the tablet if required. The processing times are reduced from days and weeks to a few minutes – all parties have immediate access to the documentation created.


  • Create documents wherever you are
  • Sign documents on the spot
  • Add images to the document for a visual explanation
  • Do more in less time

Case: Spend more time on patients and less on ”paperwork”

Elderly on bench

How much time do patients spend waiting for the doctor? And how much time does a doctor actually have to prepare for patients?

The reason is many times the same: The doctor and his team are busy with the necessary “paperwork”. Existing documents must be available to the doctor and compared with the new findings.

It would be much more efficient if the doctor would have all the data on a tablet/PC application and could then focus on the patient. New findings could be immediately recorded and compared with the central IT system with the touch of a button.

The quality of the treatment would increase exponentially due to increased time for the patient

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