SmartDocuments Integration

Smarter document creation with integrations into existing applications.

How great would it be to be able to use document templates in every specialist application across the organisation and across applications?

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Document creation and template management will help your organisation to become more efficient. But the real benefit is in the integration with the organisations existing database/CRM/ERP systems. Integrations allow to better cooperate with each other. With our speciality, it means that the document templates will be filled in with information from the current systems, ensuring there is less manual labour. In some cases, it even means no Q&A screen is needed to create complete documents.

All document templates are created once and are available for the whole organisation in a central template repository. This avoids mistakes that occur during the individual creation of the templates and ensures a uniform layout.

Case of renting a house/apartment:

When an apartment is handed over, the current state of the property is logged: Do the windows shut? Is the apartment freshly painted? Does the heater work properly? All this information is written down and later entered into the system.

A lengthy, repetitive and error-prone approach. It would be much easier if the broker, together with the tenant, could fill in the corresponding document template, add photos if necessary and have this signed directly on the tablet for both sides.

The process with SmartDocuments: The corresponding template will be centrally created and the data of the new tenant will be automatically transferred from the specialist application to the document template. When handing over the apartment, SmartDocuments only asks for the missing information and automatically creates all the required documents. These can then be sent by e-mail and centrally archived.

Manual and time-consuming processes are reduced to an absolute minimum.

Quick, Easy, Secure & FutureProof


  • Unequivocal increase in document handling/processing
  • Significantly reducing the risk of errors
  • Always have the right and accurate corporate design
  • Integrations makes the whole flow smarter by using less manual labour.

For software Suppliers

Are you or your customers in a dire need for a document creation system? Or do you want to increase the quality of your systems output? Or do you require consistent high-quality document templates that are easy to maintain?

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