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SmartDocuments HighVolume

SmartDocuments HighVolume has been specifically designed for high volume document output organisations.

Organisations with high volume documents are faced with the challenge of creating large quantities of high-quality, personalized transaction documents in a short amount of time. Often it’s about batch jobs with millions of pages, where performance, scalability and reliability are Key.

SmartDocuments HighVolume – designed for maximum performance

high volume document output

Both in the batch-oriented creation of transaction documents and in the daily individual correspondence, large volumes of documents have to be produced in order to be ready for dispatch at the time of mailing. For the physical post, this means postage optimized, printed, enveloped, franked and possibly sorted into containers. Electronic documents are sent via online web portals.

In order to be able to produce these time-critical orders on time, a system is required which is equally well suited for the manual creation of individual correspondence as well as for batch-oriented transaction documents.

Thanks to its modern architecture, SmartDocuments HighVolume optimally exploits and scales the available resources, both within one system (multiple cores / CPUs) and across systems.


  • SmartDocuments can easily be integrated into specialist applications and replaces existing templates/documents
  • Create personalised documents
  • High Quality documents

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