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SmartDocuments for developers

Integrated software for document creation and document template management

This page is aimed towards software developers

Is creating documents one of the things your in-house developed software needs to do? SmartDocuments can be used as an integrated component of your software. Why develop document creation and document template management functionality yourself, when standard software is available on the market? That is also simple to integrate? Save development costs and focus your development on the core functionality of your software.

SmartDocuments provides standard Web service API’s. Send an XML-file to SmartDocuments and get a document in return. The document will be delivered in the formats Open XML (.docx), pdf, XML or HTML. If desired, a wizard can be shown to the user, unique to each document template. The wizard is used to complete the document with content that is not in your software.

SmartDocuments can handle advanced XML structures with repetitive XML elements. With XPath expressions, SmartDocuments can locate the sought XML elements, extract the values and insert the values neatly into the document. The values can easily be reformatted, e.g. from CAPITALS to First Letter Capital.

For developers - Example xml

Example of an xml file with repetitive elements

For developers - example document

Example of a document with inserted xml values

SmartDocuments uses MS-Word as text processor. This ensures predictable formatting and layout in the rendered document. What you see is what you get! Creating and managing the required dynamic document templates, including corporate identity, standard texts and wizards, can easily be done by you or your customers. No programming is required, only basic knowledge in MS-Word.

  • Faster TTM
  • Use standard software instead of developing yourself
  • Focus on your software’s core functions
  • Standard Web service API’s
  • Send an xml file and get a document in return
  • Manage repetitive xml elements with XPath expressions

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