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Data retrieval Module

Anyone who integrates business systems to share information amongst each other will greatly simplify and exponentially reduce costs. The same is the case for document creation to accelerate and improve the quality of correspondence.

In practice, this means that up to 98% of the required information is automatically inserted into the document to be processed.

Datenabfrage Modul - SmartDocuments Produkte

Integrations to retrieve information from database

The challenge is to use the right information which is available somewhere in the database and created by various specialist applications, archives, databases, etc. The SmartDocuments Data retrieval Module integrates existing content repositories, defines the source of existing data, assigns it to the right variables, and makes that information available to the user.

Technical application

The integration of information from databases is based on XML connections. The powerful wizard will guide you step by step through the configuration. Afterwards, all data from the content repositories are available via drag & drop as variables in document templates. To access this information, it does not matter in which systems or archives they reside.

  • Standard interface for applications and content repositories such as archives and databases.
  • Seamless access to existing data thanks to standardized form for data access.
  • Easy configuration of connection, data types, dependencies etc. via the wizard.
  • Insert data via drag & drop.

SmartDocuments Datenabfrage Modul - SmartDocuments Produkte

Multiple data queries in one document

Unique is the ability to integrate values from multiple data queries into one document. In a letter, data from a customer system can be inserted alongside data from an accounting system. The SmartDocuments data retrieval module provides the ability to link two (or more) different databases together.

Integration with SmartDocuments
After installation, the data retrieval module in SmartControl is available as a plug-in to set up connections and data types. For template administrators, SmartEditor displays a new query type: the data query. For the users, the outcome of the data query can be seen in the SmartDocuments Q&A screen from the Wizard.