Privacy-sensitive data in the open with GDPR?!

Is your company aware how documents can contain privacy-sensitive information and how easily they can be put out on the streets?

May 25 is close, just a short period to go for every organization to become GDPR-ready. Do you know if your process support applications are sufficiently secured? So that the risks of data leaks are minimized?

A process-support application makes it possible for organizations to draw up and edit documents more effectively and efficiently. Consider, for example, the drawing up of an employment contract. On the one hand, an employment contract is fairly standard, but on the other hand, privacy-sensitive data are processed in this employment contract.

This information is in most cases processed in Microsoft Word. This file is then stored on a USB stick and an employee edits this document (with no bad intention) at home. Nothing wrong with that?

Guess again! Automating processes and then editing documents in Microsoft Word includes some risks. Microsoft Word is an open system. A document can easily be edited and with one push of a button this document can be sent by e-mail. And imagine that the document is sent to the wrong person. What then? Then you have a data leak on your hands, which needs to be reported to the Authorities within 72 hours. Including the storm that comes with it.

But how can you automate the processes and minimize the risks at the same time? SmartDocuments offers support for this. With SmartDocuments a document can be created without having to open it in Word. Simple documents can be closed off with SmartDocuments to avoid unnecessary risks.

SmartDocuments: MakeNoMistake

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