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”Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.“

– Henri Ford –

We realised that working together with business partners provides the best solution. Every business partner has their own unique area of expertise from which we provide you with the best solution for different document creation processes. Over the years we have built an extensive network of partners that allows us to provide you with the best possible support.

Become a SmartDocuments partner because:

  • Improve your product portfolio

    • Increase your product portfolio with one of the most powerful document template management and document creation software solutions.
    • Simple and secure integration into your own system
    • More profit through increased sales of licenses and support.
  • Shared marketing activities for shared exposure

      • By combining our strengths we can organise specific events for our customers.
      • Activities such as combined campaigns, blogs, newsletters, reference stories etc.
  • As SmartDocuments partner we will keep you informed with our latest news

    • Regular updates on productes and solutions.
    • Intensive tranings.

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SmartDocuments Partner:

ATOS - SmartDocuments Partner


Atos is focused on business technology that powers progress and helps organizations to create their firm of the future. The Group provides Consulting & Systems Integration services, Managed Services & BPO, Cloud operations, Big Data & Cybersecurity solutions, as well as transactional services through Worldline. Together with SmartDocuments, Atos focusses on providing leading technology for IT and document creation solutions, to create the company of the future.

AEPEX - SmartDocuments Partner


AEPEX is a leading consultancy agency specialised in implementing SAP-solutions. AEPEX performs innovative implementations in Supply Chain Management and Project & Assets Management. Also, AEPEX controls multiple SAP systems for some of their customers. (Deloitte consulting took over AEPEX as of 01 March 2018)

Lämmerzahl - SmartDocuments PartnerLämmerzahl GmbH

LÄMMERZAHL GmbH is one of the leading providers of software for all areas of social legislation in Germany. More than 270 cities, districts and municipalities are already working successfully with LÄMMkom and about half are already using SmartDocuments.

KING - SmartDocuments Partner


KING advises municipalities with anything related to information management, they have created a standard that many municipalities adopt. SmartDocuments is compliant with the document creation software standard that KING has set out for Dutch municipalities to use. KING, in this way, helps the municipalities with proven case-oriented process systems which municipalities can integrate with.

MensCentraal - SmartDocuments Partner

MensCentraal / Lost Lemon

MensCentraal comprises of innovative ICT solutions, they provide implementation and guidance from experts, for the social domain within municipalities. Some examples where they provide solutions are Social neighbourhood teams/1family1plan and case oriented focus in the social domain. The combined solution, SmartDocuments and MensCentraal ensure the correct combination of information and customer communication solutions towards stakeholders.

pinkroccade - SmartDocuments Partner


PinkRoccade (Local Government) Provides over 30 years of enterprise software and services to local governments. Dutch provinces, municipalities and the regional water boards successfully use PinkRoccade. This enables them to perform their duties more easily, but it also enables them to further optimize their business operations. SmartDocuments and PinkRoccade make it possible to create an agile, sleek and efficient service towards citizens and businesses.

cegeka-dsa - SmartDocuments Partner


Dynamics Empire from Cegeka-DSA is the absolute solution for the real-estate market to fully support the operational business process. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV as core ERP, which is flexible to control and maintain.
Cegeka-DSA guides the whole project from consulting, implementation, maintenance and control. Cegeska-DSA is an adviser, licensed supplier, implementation partner and service supplier.

centric - SmartDocuments Partner


With qualified experts, Centric offers technological solutions and IT- services to ensure that customers can focus on their core business. Centric offers software solutions, IT-outsourcing, business process outsourcing and staffing services. By matching years of experience to experts from specific branch processes, Centric and SmartDocuments set themselves apart from traditional suppliers and administrative business providers with agile customer communication solutions.

BCT - SmartDocuments Partner


BCT specialises in the development of digital business information systems where the exchange of information is crucial. The goal? Creating solutions that translate document flows to knowledge. Also translated as, the improving of internal business processes with the help of digital tools. BCT is long time user of SmartDocuments document creation software and document template management solutions.

Circle Software - SmartDocuments Partner

Circle Software

Circle Sofware specialises in the digitalisation of information and processes. Through flexible software solutions they create leading technical solutions which are relevant for everyday situations. Wherever Circle Software can work together with its partners to create better software solutions, they will. That is why SmartDocuments is a valued partner that helps to create software improvements for agile customer communication Management (CCM).

Decos - SmartDocuments Partner


Decos develops digital technologies to help make the workflow of companies more efficient and reduce the use of paper. Working together is the key to success. Decos is convinced in co-creation with their partners and customers. SmartDocuments is a proud partner and contributor to help make the digital world smarter, more efficient and better ‘connected’.

Split-Vison - SmartDocuments Partner


Split~Vision profiles itself as a team of professionals who is focused, without frills and with a commitment to organisations. With the help of relevant software, they get the best out of people and their resources to achieve the best results. They way how they create, share and manage information is essential. Their vision and approach are realised every day by being able to trust and rely on a partner such as SmartDocuments.