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Municipality of Groningen

Smart template management for 200.000 citizens of the municipality of Groningen.

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The municipality of Groningen now uses document creation software for their complete communication. for a total of 200.000 citizens. Groningen benefits from more efficient customer communication for the whole organisation.

What were the Needs and requirements?

Gerke Bos, the department supervisor, is still aware of the benefits for an organisation-wide choice to use SmartDocuments, even with the arrival of a shared service centre (SSC). The SSC is the access point for the process information within the organization of municipality Groningen. SmartDocuments fits in the big picture as a corporate standard for document creation. Bos: “The transition of office automation software to GWS4all (Centric system for Work and Income) made sure that we had to make a decision for a new document creation software. A survey brought us to SmartDocuments. A ‘best of breed’ product, all tailored to the field of document creation. In terms of functionality and ease of management, it is ideal for us. Furthermore, it is anticipating to the specific needs within the local government.’’

What did it yield: ”moving forward with case management and integrations”

In the short run, the municipality of Groningen wants to make steps forwards. Bos: ”Moving forward, with efficient processes within the case management system. This is where we need SmartDocuments to play an important role. Managing document templates and document creation was very diverse within our organisation. There used to be around 3000 templates with different municipal identities and on the background there were multiple different business systems running. This fragmented the template management. But, now the complete template management process is centralised, providing us with more control. This centralised control is one of the reasons why we chose SmartDocuments, as this suits our needs perfectly. GWS4All and other applications have smooth integrations with SmartDocuments. Crucial basic information in documents for external communication is now consistent. With centrally managed building blocks in SmartDocuments, the possibility to easily create municipal documents became a reality. SmartDocuments was the ‘missing link’ within the case management system. With SmartDocuments document creation, we can create documents in the right way, a central way and (digitally) archive it in the right place.