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Stories from the customers

Over 500 Organisations and more than 200.000 users have already experienced the benefit of our smart document creation software.

Gemeente Hoorn SmartDocuments

Municipality of Hoorn

Optimal collaboration by working online

“Important documents can now be signed online.
Greatly reducing processing time and the processing of documents.”

Child Protective Services Overijssel

Child Protective Services Overijssel makes a huge leap in decreasing their administrative load through integrated document creation.

”Finally, we have a better understanding of our inbound and outbound communication. We conquered and diminished our administrative load. It is truly eye-opening how much can be automated. We are now able to focus on being a child protective service without the extra workload of all the paperwork.”

Woonbedrijf Eindhoven - SmartDocuments

Woonbedrijf Eindhoven

Rock solid SAP integration with housing corporation Eindhoven

Housing corporation Eindhoven is convinced of the advantages that SmartDocuments provides to improve the customer communication process. The clever layout with headers and footers, building blocks (standardized elements such as an address that is used many times in documents), corporate identity and other reusable information is all managed in one single place.

Gemeente Groningen - SmartDocuments

Municipality of Groningen

Efficient document creation at the municipality of Groningen.

The municipality of Groningen now uses document creation software from SmartDocuments, for their complete communication. This is a total of 200.000 citizens. The municipality of Groningen benefits from a more efficient customer communication method for the whole organisation.

Länsstyrelserna SmartDocuments

Swedish county administrative board (Länsstyrelserna)

Swedish county administrative boards save 90,000 hours per year with automated document creation

The purpose was to “buy a tool for creating, using and managing dynamic document templates within all business areas”. Furthermore, the purpose was to “increase the use of document templates. Templates provide higher quality of the documents – correct corporate identity and content, as well as unified content (the same content for the same business area, regardless of user and county board) “.