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”To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity”

– Douglas Adams –


As a specialist in document template management and document creation, SmartDocuments wants to achieve the best results for organisations. Professional consultants help with the successful implementation of SmartDocuments. The work is carried out according to a tight schedule.

Advice and project management
Professional consultants give specific advice and carry out activities in the area of document creation with a short lead time. We provide advice and offer project management to smoothly roll out the SmartDocuments software and / or modules and integrations within the entire organization.

Installation and configuration
When purchasing new software, we take care of the installation and configuration of SmartDocuments including integrations. In addition, we can support you with migrations. Our consultants are all Prince II and ITIL certified and can support you throughout the entire OTAP (Development, Test, Acceptance and Production) process.

Document template construction
For short or long term we can help you with the creating of document templates. Our consultants are aware of the latest functionalities and techniques of our software and can effectively support you in with the document template construction. We analyze the current working method and make an inventory of corporate identity elements and templates that are often used within an organization. An efficient design, can, ultimately, help reduce the number of templates needed. On average organisations that start working with SmartDocuments use 40% fewer templates because of the clever design.

Our web application offers the possibility to support your organization remotely. We can offer you this support at the so-called ‘green’ rate.


SmartDocuments is an important link in business operations. That is why you can expect our maximum support. We offer a range of services such as the Support Desk, Consultancy and Training to guide the use of SmartDocuments with expertise.

Do you have questions about template constructions or about the technical/functional operation of SmartDocuments? Report questions or problems at any time of the day via servicedesk@smartdocuments.nl. You will be given a ticket number and receive support ASAP.

Or call support directly +31 570 628549