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Child protective services of the Province Overijssel.

Child Protective Services Overijssel makes a huge leap in decreasing their administrative load through integrated document creation.

”Finally, we have a better understanding of our inbound and outbound communication. We conquered and diminished our administrative load. It is truly eye-opening how much can be automated. We are now able to focus on being a child protective service without the extra workload of all the paperwork.”


Since January 1st, 2015, Child protective services Overijssel changed its name. Cutbacks and decentralisation have led to a smaller organisation, causing a specialization within the organisation. Demanding more efficiency towards every aspect that supports the core task.

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Dennis Hassink, ICT advisor: ‘If you have fewer resources and people, it is essential to deal with it in the most effective way. Hassink: “We were looking for an effective instrument to improve administrative processes. Our staff, for instance, had to repeatedly enter data from other systems to create a document. Hassink: “We wanted a tool that documents easier. With a document generator that would (partly) generate documents automatically, creating clear and consistent document templates.
In the chain of healthcare, there are multiple parties reporting documents and dossiers. Hassink: ‘We did not want to let go of the Information of ChildCare (IJ). The solution had to be able to integrate with the Information system (IJ). The goal was to have fewer operations to create documents, reports, forms and records. Soon after the initial contact, a proof of concept was created, that met our needs with 95%.

Quick facts
  • A more efficient process by not having to insert information again and again.
  • Automatically generated barcodes connect the documents with the right input to the right client file.
  • Document creation en document template management is not just used by one unit, the whole organisation benefits as it can be used organisation wide.
  • Creating and managing the templates no longer requires an IT-department.

In practice

By means of a selection menu, the user proceeds to a customer file in order to create a new document page. With SmartDocuments it is possible to stop at any time and continue to work on the document at a later time. This is very convenient when for example, you are called away.

“The process is completely digital and under control. We can even easily copy the data we need from the integration with our central system ‘IJ’. Managing document templates have never been this easy before, even for the people with limited technical knowledge this is no problem. As there is no longer a requirement for the ICT department to adjust the templates, the managers can do this themselves. There is hardly any necessary technical control required, only functional control.”


“The document creation software from SmartDocuments brought the organization many benefits. Creating documents for the purpose of filing and communicating with supply chain partners and other stakeholders is faster and more consistent than ever before. It is transparent and more readily available to all of our employees. Changes to document templates can be implemented quickly and centrally.
When someone’s address is changed we can easily change this in one place, for all the 120 templates. This gives the organization more control over the content and format of the documents, with little to no effort.
We are pleased that we have taken the collaboration with SmartDocuments. The increased efficiency has helped us to make our downsized organization operate more efficiently. Many of the red tapes have disappeared.”

Dennis Hassink, head of IT-department

Barcode and SharePoint integration.

“We generate a barcode in each document. For example, when printing a document for a physical signature, the document will be scanned and it will end up in the in the right place in the correct client file. In addition, it automatically replaces the unsigned copy. After the SmartDocuments document creation process, the documents are automatically placed in the right digital client file. This happens via a SharePoint link.”