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SmartDocuments: Better safe than sorry…

When you store a confidential document on the public disk, send that important e-mail to the wrong e-mail address or that urgent task that cannot be completed, because you get distracted by a funny colleague.

Situations that happen to us all. We’re all human and where people work, mistakes are made, but people learn from mistakes. But, just suppose that the one little mistake … has huge consequences.

In 2014, the Dutch Court of Audit published a report on administrative errors within the government that had enormous consequences for citizens.

For example, a family moved to another municipality, but this move was registered as emigration, with the result that all allowances were discontinued. A lady who gave up her grandmother as deceased was entered as deceased herself by a small human error.

A criminal who was recently sentenced to a long prison sentence was already out in the open air within a short time. Reason? An employee entered six months in the system instead of six years.

In Japan, it went a little further … a typing error costs a company $ 340 million, because an employee offers 610,000 shares for 1 yen, instead of the other way around.

Small errors with big consequences. Small errors that can be prevented by the smart software of SmartDocuments.

How? Take a look at the various solutions on our website. We like to talk to you about how work stays fun and how “small” mistakes could be avoided as much as possible.

SmartDocuments: make no mistake

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