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In SAP projects, AEPEX replaces Smart Forms and Script with SmartDocuments, reducing costs, saving time and valuable resources.

One of Europe’s largest Internet service providers uses SAP in various business areas. In the past AEPEX created documents via SAP Smart Forms & Script. This made it very time-consuming to manage templates and create documents.


Consulting firm AEPEX specializes in the implementation of SAP solutions. Aepex prefers to use SmartDocuments for document creation because documents can be individually and flexibly adapted, in the shortest possible time. The individual components needed to create documents can be managed centrally and transparently to everyone involved.

Experiences from the past led AEPEX to introduce SmartDocuments for document template management and document creation in the SAP environment. For example, about 180 templates were transferred from Smart Forms to SmartDocuments for only one customer.

The experience

Emiel Obdeijn, AEPEX - SmartDocuments partnerResults after only a few weeks: A big win, as Emiel Obdeijn from AEPEX mentions. “The processing time is very short, with SmartDocuments the generated documents are immediately stored on the SAP Content server”, explains the project manager at AEPEX. The existing SAP architecture can be flexibly expanded through the seamless integration with SmartDocuments and continue to be used without great expense and time.

Everyday working life

The Internet service provider kicked off the implementation project with the introduction of SmartDocuments at a subsidiary. “Without the flexible capabilities of SmartDocuments for document template management and adoption of data from SAP, it would not have been feasible to adhere to such a tight schedule,” said Emiel Obdeijn, adding, “Training everyone involved was a breeze.”

By dragging and dropping, employees themselves select the relevant text blocks and vary them depending on the need. “Only the content changes have to be made by the AEPEX consultants in SAP,” says Obdeijn.

The processing time of the customer documents takes just a few seconds. And even large invoice documents with more than 4,000 individual items can now be fully processed within 30 seconds. With SAP Smart Forms and Script, however, about 20 to 30 minutes were needed.
Already in the first year we have saved several hundred hours! Emiel Obdeijn, AEPEX Business Consultants


Document creation is not only simplified and accelerated, the quality also increases by a clear and verifiable error reduction. In addition, the software solution entails a cost saving that should not be underestimated for the respective companies.

Another advantage:

The error rate is reduced in contrast to manual document creation by the automated process. In addition, the paper is saved. Integration into existing IT architectures also conserves resources.

The introduction of SmartDocuments is, therefore, more cost-effective and no complex training is required for employees to get used to the new system. Due to the intuitive user guidance, employees create the required documents themselves.

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