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Corporate Social Responsibility & Sponsoring

By digitizing with our document creation software it will help your organisation to minimize the use of paper. SmartDocuments is committed towards sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and to help organisations through sponsorship.

On a daily basis, we try to integrate durability principles as much as possible.


For every automobile that we lease, the lease company invests in projects that prevent climate change. In this way, we try to give something positive back to the environment. In 2014, we compensated over 43.500 kilograms of CO2 emission. SmartDocuments stimulates its employees to drive hybrid and electrical cars. Visitors to our office also have the opportunity to charge their electric cars with our charging station, with green energy.

Less paper

For many years now, our document creation software is helping organisations to digitalize their document flow. We ourselves try to reduce the use of paper to a bare minimum to help the environment. The means of communication with our customers, partners and suppliers will be mainly by digital means.

Green Consulting

Whenever possible, our consultants try to help you from a remote location. This saves time, reduces emissions and thus help save the environment.


SmartDocuments feels as it is their moral obligation to be socially active and strive for a better world. The sponsorships that we support are focused on giving children a better future, as they are our future.

War Child – The Charity for Children Affected by War

Children are the future, that is why we are a business friend of War Child and support War child now and in the future. With sports, games, music and education children are better able to process the past and try to forget the experiences they have had. This will help them to build trust in each other and in their own future.

WarChild Corporate Social Responsibility

KidsRight – Children’s rights organisation fighting for children’s rights all over the world

KidsRights promotes the wellbeing of very vulnerable children across the world and advocates the realisation of their rights. KidsRights sees children as ‘changemakers’ in this process. We support the great work from KidsRights and hope that we are able to better support children to realise their goals and dreams in life.

Kidsrights Corporate Social Responsibility