About SmartDocuments

SmartDocuments helps you save time by making your documents smarter.

No more small manual adjustments needed, your corporate identity will always be perfect for each document. And, by integrating with your database/ERP/CRM/DMS system, documents will always contain the right info. What is left can be filled with the easy Q&A screen.

One of the best parts, we ensured that the document creation software is easy to use and that you can easily maintain and change the documents yourself. You only need a simple 1-2 days training. No more consultants/developers for every change. Control and flexibility are back in your hands.

Some examples of document-intensive organisations that work with document creation: ministries, provinces, municipalities, notaries, law firms, utilities, banks, insurance agencies, multinational corporations, housing associations and commercial companies.

SmartDocuments is the leader in the municipality market, provinces, water boards and other market segments in the Netherlands. SmartDocuments is used by 80% of the largest municipalities within the Netherlands.

Some examples where we can help you with.

Process Documents:
Creating documents from your own CRM-ERP-Case management system using XML technology.

Ad-hoc Documents:
Creating and changing documents using our wizard with MS Office.

Online webforms for external or internal use.

High Volume / Batch-processing:
For organisations that have to process personalised mailings with documents for all their customers.

On the road
With our app based on our software, you can take digital checklists with you where ever you are. Sign the digital form and send it to be processed, on the go. No more paper mess. No more extra work for later.